10 Jahre EverQuest und 10 Dinge, die ein Dev hätte wissen sollen

Am 16. März wird es 10 Jahre her sein, dass EverQuest (1) im Westen die Ära der grafischen DikuMUDs einläutete, die mit Spielen wie Lineage II, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online und Runes of Magic bis heute Erfolge feiert.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Norrath!

Massive hat die Gelegenheit zum Anlass genommen, Steve Klug, Lead Programmer von EverQuest, danach zu Fragen, welche 10 Dinge er gerne gewusst hätte bevor EverQuest entwickelt wurde:

  1. Servers don’t wait for regular business hours to have problems.
  2. Class balance is something that is achieved when my class is more balanced than everyone else’s class.
  3. Who would have known that one little square root would make such a difference.
  4. If there are 100 people that all have a different feature that is most important to them and you can only focus on 5 of them, you are ignoring the other 95.
  5. Players are much friendlier in person than on the forums (usually).
  6. Sometimes simple changes can make players just as happy as complex ones.
  7. At least a third of your players will always hate your player character models.
  8. Any long established feature should only be changed with extreme care. Even if you’re improving it 1000% over the original, players should not be forced to re-learn it if it can be avoided. (Include an option to revert when practical).
  9. Low hanging fruit hits YOU in the head for 500 damage.
  10. There is no #10. Ask me next year!

Quelle: A Decade of Norrath: 10 Things I wish I had known before building an MMO

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